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I've Been Hiding Because I Don't Know What To Say

Most of us who struggle with our weight know exactly what to do.
I have all the resources I need to get my body on track to reach those #hikegoals I set for myself last year. Instead, I've crawled back into the old habit of damaging this body the good Lord gave me.
I've fallen off the #healthspo wagon and can't get up. How can someone who's such a hard worker be so pathetic at nurturing relationships and living life? My Boot Camp participation wasn't what it could've been during the second round. Social fun feels like a myth. Mornings, breakfasts, and meals in general, have gone to hell in a handbasket. Tomorrow is the 1st day of quitting sugar AGAIN. I'm shitting bricks! Are there others out there trying and failing like this over and over and over?

I'm still hanging onto the straps, but I don't know how to make my arms pull me up and over the rails.
Would you give me a boost?
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What is Love?

More importantly:
What is a Floppotron?

Prawn, Spinach & Tomato Bake

I surprised everyone in the kitchen this week.
This revelation might seem trivial to you, but it's almost unheard of in my Kitchen Catastrophe world, and I'm super proud of how the meal turned out.

Every Tuesday Night is Girls Night, and this week was my turn to cook.

In keeping with my #healthspo journey goals, I scoured recipe books (and Pinterest, of course!) to find something suitably low in carbs.

At the same time, I knew we had some tomatoes and baby spinach in the fridge that was hanging on to the far edge of freshness (you know - that last day before mould sets in), so I had to come up with something to include those because I hate wasting food.

Here's what I made (and it was delicious):
Prawn, Spinach & Tomato BakeIngredients: 200g cherry / small vine tomatoes (you can use more, but might just have to increase seasoning)
olive oil, for drizzling
PnP pizza & pasta seasoning mix, to taste^
1 tbsp chermoula paste
1 squirt lemon juice
1 tbsp grated parmesan (…

What Is Love?

Apparently, the solution to E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Now, fight the urge to hurt me for being so corny and go build a bridge instead. Happy Valentine's Day!

Kiss Kiss

Valentine's Week is here!
What do you have planned? Do you even celebrate it?

We've never been really big on it. We'll give each other a little something, I guess, but for the most part, it's just another day. (Perhaps we would've been bigger fans if we received Valentine's gifts in high school. I wouldn't know.)

Declaring your love whenever you feel it is a way better idea than hoarding it for one day a year, but I am a sucker for the silly celebrations, so to start our own tradition, we'll be doing something different for Valentine's Day.

We're getting tested for HIV!
I know that seems odd, but did you know that - even if you only have one sexual partner, you can contract the disease by accident? And if you do, but never get tested, you can infect the love of your life without even knowing about it, becoming part of the vicious cycle?

When you know your status (and check it regularly) it is less stressful & kind to others.

Hugs & Disco …

From 5KM to 10KM (Part 1)

Boot Camp Weeks 11 - 15[1 January - 4 February 2018]
The Numbers:
Day 14 = weighed in for Boot Camp registration and another 0.6kg down.                    ≈4.1kg ↓ so far
Day 15 = Boot Camp starts
Day 28 = completed my 2nd 7.5 km hike

Additional Notes/Comments: A great opportunity fell into my lap - a free 4 week fitness boot camp just became available via Facebook. I had some residual aches & pains that I first had to get checked out, but as soon as the GP gave me the all clear, I tackled my first ever body boot camp.My diet has gone to hell, so I've been too scared to weigh in as well. Trying to muster up my courage, because I'm expecting to have gained all of the weight I lost over Nov & Dec 2017...

*Disclaimer: I am not a health/medical professional. This lifestyle plan was developed to suit me personally (I suffer from PCOS & insulin resistance and I'm on medication for anxiety & high cholesterol). I am - and will continue to - consult my GP as I continu…

A Light That Never Goes Out

And, having listened to the entire song, I think that light sometimes feel like oncoming traffic. The Smiths - weird, sad and beautiful.