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Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger

I don't even know where to begin.
Eating your postman seems a bit extreme.

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Of Heroes And Villains

Mentioning Halloween without mentioning Halloween is just not possible. The film crowned Jamie Lee Curtis as The Scream Queen and so far no one has knocked her off her pedestal yet.
To me she is as synonymous to October as that striped sweater or those masks.
I get such a rush watching horror movies. Don't you?


Scream is one of my favourite scary movies. All four of them really.
The film series is also the reason for this week's gloomy tune, because I fell in love with it when I watched the first installment at Kimberley's drive-in theatre in 1997.

It is still one of my favourite "scary" songs.

Weekly Quotable: Bravery

Here's to everyone dealing with difficulties in their lives, but ESPECIALLY to our Breast Cancer fighters & survivors.
You're an inspiration.

Guns Guns Guns

How infuriating! It's 2017. Something should have been done about gun violence by now. Instead, we woke up on Monday in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting and a rising Marikana death toll.
Many people are shocked and saddened. As a global spectator, I seem to have skipped right into the Anger Stage. I'm angry that hearts are breaking in grief. I'm angry that people still choose to hurt other people. And I'm angry that those in positions of authority with the power to initiate change are allowing this to happen in exchange for their gun-loving voters.


Oh, the month of Halloween!
Indecision's haunting me this year. Other than adding some ghoulish decor to our little Garden of the Dead (and wanting to dress up, of course), I'm not sure which event to pick this year. What are you guys all up to? Any cool ideas?

Whatever we do, one of my favourite things to do is to stretch out the suspense for as long as I can, so to start off our 'Mexican Wave' of chills, here's a creepy little story wrapped up inside a weird music video.

Creepy Country

Yesterday was International Country Music Day, so I think 'Possessed' is the perfect weird song for the week.

It comes from one of my all time favourite horror comedies, Dead & Breakfast.

If you like this, you'll also enjoy Comin' to Kill Ya (from the same film).